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It's cute drawing. But here is a flaw. The lack of value. If you use both lighting and shade in this piece to match the happy vibe then...

The art and the technique is really good tho I cannot tell if she is in a dark room and getting flashed by a light in a angle or if she...

Just a succubus tryin to help!~


For chicken nuggets--
I will redesign any oc you happen to give me then I can use the points for chicken nuggets, so a win-win




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Hooded Figure
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am an writer, artist, dancer and a big disapointment

Insta: @mr.mccrxxpers
Tumblr: @xxcreepy-hoodedxx


Pouty Roger
Before I even do a ref sheet for dis angry boi, here is a rare photo of him pouting uwu
SIREN WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO                             Shout out!                              SIREN WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO
    Dis boi needs watchers cuz he is unappreciated--
Redesign - Toxic the Mistress
{Disclaimer: You don't have to take said criticism but you just have to be respectful and listen when someone gives you it. If you don't like the redesign then politely say thank you and let me have the redesign since I have tons of room for rejected redesigns.}

Hello~ I found this person when I logged in so let's get started. Although messy, I decided to make this version of Toxic because well there is no info on her. Although I do love busty women, this looks random without any context, thus not giving her design any value then "SmExY oC!1!~" and not a oc that is just sexually appealing. She has no personality, making her look like a sex toy for the eyes. I not only gave her a story and a personality but I decided to match her personality to her sexual appeal. I hope ya like the new name~

Toxic was a cat that happens to find Rubith when she was in need of a new home. Instead of taking her in as her own, she took her in as a guard. As time went on, not only was Rubith was falling for Toxic, Toxic herself has noticed and has been leading her on and has been keeping her on a leash so she won't go. Besides, where would she go? Toxic has been sleeping with other men for the money and for her own pleasure. Rubith was let go after Toxic found a better guard. Rubith still stalks her to see if her beauty fades. It still hasn't...


Toxic belongs to :icontoxic-the-kitsunehog:Toxic-the-Kitsunehog
Super-Cat with some super kids!
{Sorry for the sketch in the corner--}

She may able to defeat any foe but she can never defeat the power of worried parents ^^'

Super-Cat belongs to :iconnovakaststudiosyt:NovakastStudiosYT
Clyde, Helen, Ryan and Kiki :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX
Henlo. It's pride month and two things.
First thing, if y'all didn't know, I'm actually both transgender [ftm] and I'm pansexual. Just something to know in the spirit of Pride month~
Second thing, I will be drawing some gay ships so I need suggestions, you can even ship your characters with any of my single characters~
Dr.Creepers and Mike [reference sheet]
[I actually redesigned both Mike and McCreepers, who is now gonna be called Dr.Creepers so consider this as a new design to both their actual design and stories. Also sorry, I forgot how to perspective and height--]

[F2U] Eye see you [Green]Dr.Creepers[F2U] Rolling Red Eye
Tini Pills 
Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Name/Nicknames?: ⸢His real name is Thomas McAlfie. His nickname is only known after he had died in the hands of the mask that possesses his sanity which is Dr.Creepers as he was a well known surgeon and pediatrician.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Personality?: ⸢He is a very calm person once he does or doesn't his mask, but if the mask is in berserk mode, expect to have your head eaten or have your limbs popped out of their socket. He is also a very over protective dad. Even though his son does see him as a great and powerful father, he tends to try not to let him see a lot of the unpure things he does. He only does allow him to hang out with any children that are around and he has to tell him not to tell anyone his job since he doesn't want his only guardian to be taken away.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Likes?: ⸢This doctor may look insane but he does have a lot of likes. He does like stuff like tea, animals, his son, Wadashi, and he likes to perform surgeries that can make a normal corpse or human into a monster since that's all his sanity reduces him to. But there are influences to the demonic mask. He also likes to torture and hear screams from said victims.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Dislikes?: ⸢He may seem like a reasonable person here, he isn't really a stable person either. If you touch him without warning can lead to a gash or a panic attack since his past relationships. He doesn't like either of his two exs since they have done terrible things. He also doesn't like predators since he doesn't want anything terrible to happen to his son like he had to experience. He doesn't like to deal with immortal and invincible fighters considering he finds them annoying and boring as they aren't even beatable at all.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Abilities?: ⸢He can harden both his legs and and arms by rushing the black blood to both of said limbs. In berserk mode, the black blood can overflow throughout his body as it is in need of raw meat and blood. He can also detect attacks by slowing things down when it comes to the mask. he is also able to not only do expressions through the mask, he is also able to crack open the mouth of the mask so he can eat.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Status?: ⸢He is a surgeon with demonic abilities. He is also a single father who wants the best for his son.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Relationships?: ⸢He is probably more bonded with his son then anyone he knows considering he wouldn't want the terrible things he went through like pedophillic incest, rape, pyshical and mental abuse. Mike and anyone else? They are best friends at best but possible backstabbers at worst so he documents them just in case if they do plan to kill him or his son. So that meaning that he has weaknesses written down incase for the matter. Anybody he hates? Both his ex girlfriend and boyfriend. The ex girlfriend left both him and Wadashi as she just wanted him for his looks but didn't want a baby. His ex boyfriend was worst. He raped him and mentally and physically abuse him because he was desperate to keep him his as he thought he'd leave the now ex at any moment. Any other enemies have their own story with him.⸥

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Extras!: ⸢The mask not only has a demon in it but it doesn't actually require string to hold it up as it has fangs to hold onto your face since the only sacrifice it needs is your blood and sanity. If you try to remove it, it will go berserk so just as the host to scratch it 6 times. If in berserk mode then hit it with a bat. It will crack, making it unable to hold on then it will fall but it will regenerate with the blood it has ingested. Also, the only original color of his face is actually the green eye as he only had a green and a blue eye. The red eye was because it can detect if the target is warm blooded but the green eye can detect the attacks⸥
-F2U- Shadow Cat AvatarMike-F2U- Shadow Cat Avatar
Tini Vintage Syringe left Tini Vintage Syringe
big tree [not hot] Name/Nicknames?: ⸤His full name is Mike Richardson. He only does refer to himself as Mike as he doesn't really feel like he needs to say his full name.⸣

big tree [not hot] Personality?: ⸤He is a thicked skinned person who isn't afraid to be rude. He isn't really interested when it comes to love as he had not only been divorced but had lost a lover. So consider him as a either a one night stand or a lover if you do want something with him, you can only have one if he does see someone interested in him. He also does take pride in not only monstrous creations but the poisons he has created. Even illegal/unknown poisons.⸣

big tree [not hot] Likes?: ⸤He surprisingly does like somethings. Like coffee, days where he can sleep in, a calm cold night and hanging around Dr.Creepers even though he acts like he is annoying. He doesn't like to reveal the other things he like such as being a lover, acting like a father to children without caretakers and cats. Although he doesn't like to reveal such things, he has to admit it isn't as bad. Although two things, is that he likes to torture and create monsters.⸣

big tree [not hot] Dislikes?: ⸤Well there are many dislikes. He hates brats/undefeatable fighters as they are annoying to him, even more annoying to anything he considers annoying. He also hates tends to hate anyone who won't cooperate with him or won't work with him. He also hates it when he has to keep a victim quiet as he likes to make them scream.⸣

big tree [not hot] Abilities?: ⸤He can get a small taste of his opponent's blood and he is able to whip out a poison for said opponent. He is also able to find out a weak spot if he is able to throw unseeable but small needles.⸣

big tree [not hot] Relationships?: ⸤He does see Dr. Creepers as not only a friend but as a brother. He was rich but an only child so someone who as able to meet him before his demise was able to feel like he needed to protect him. He might not be able to have a father and son relationship with Creeper's son, he is fine with them being like uncle and nephew. Although he does have a child that know thinks Mike is dead, he can't see him since his ex wife has full custody of him. He isn't found with his ex wife as she always jumped to conclusions and only did think herself as right. To say the least, it was a unstable relationship at best but a one sided relationship at worst. Although the lover after his ex wife was something magical before his death considering not only was the lover a nurse but a girl that liked him from when they met. He does miss her, but he can't say how much to her face considering she died in a car crash.⸣

big tree [not hot] Status?: ⸤He is a surgeon who not only creates monsters but create poisons for said monsters. He is also a cold and distant person.⸣

big tree [not hot] Extras!: ⸤There is a lot of things he won't admit at first but if he is comfortable, he is willing to admit anything.⸣

Dr.Creepers and Mike belongs to :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX

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So from what I heard, there is this site that steals shit from artists and is selling their art but it turns out to be a scam--



They have my art on their as well---

Do not buy shit on their--

They steal ya money so don't--


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