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Silent Sonya - Redesign by XxcreepyhoodxX Silent Sonya - Redesign :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 5 19 Kitty - Redesign by XxcreepyhoodxX Kitty - Redesign :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 3 0 Macabre Jackson ref sheet by XxcreepyhoodxX Macabre Jackson ref sheet :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 7 0 I'm Fine- by XxcreepyhoodxX I'm Fine- :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 6 0 SmExXy!1!!!1!~~ by XxcreepyhoodxX
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SmExXy!1!!!1!~~ :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 1 0
Hating School and Stress by XxcreepyhoodxX Hating School and Stress :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 5 4 Scared Leo with Calm Oreo [For SavDraws] by XxcreepyhoodxX Scared Leo with Calm Oreo [For SavDraws] :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 16 12 Asky thingie #1~ by XxcreepyhoodxX Asky thingie #1~ :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 7 6
Teachers Blooded Hand - Episode 2
By: Hooded Figure
Episode 2: Grace Of the Angel
The music played. Mark started to feel the grace within the song, then followed it like a bird flying through the clear sky. It was outstanding to see Mark move as the song went. While the song battles with rhythm and beat but stays in sync, Mark hit the moves as if he was a professional. Victor watched with delightment. Seeing Mark being happy while he was dancing to the music. As soon the music finished and Mark struct his final pose, Victor applauded. Mark turned around “Huh?! Why were you watching me?! You creep!” Mark shouted as Victor looked at him in with surprise. “But I heard the music and I couldn’t resist.” “I didn’t my mom say that not to watch me when i go outside to dance?! I thought she told you the goddamn rules!” Victor nodded but he realized what Mark was about to do then he ran away.
Victor grabbed an ice pack then placed it on his bruises and sighed “Damn. He may da
:iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 3 6
Vis re-design by XxcreepyhoodxX Vis re-design :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 7 14 I Love You More Than Pastel by XxcreepyhoodxX I Love You More Than Pastel :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 11 8 108 aka Nick (Prince of Ice) by XxcreepyhoodxX 108 aka Nick (Prince of Ice) :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 7 2 Monster entry - Little Loutas by XxcreepyhoodxX Monster entry - Little Loutas :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 7 2 Paul - Redraw by XxcreepyhoodxX Paul - Redraw :iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 6 25
Teachers Blooded Hand - Episode 1
By: Hooded Figure
Episode 1: The God Watching The Angle
Author note: This takes place after the moment court decides how long Victor’s parents would be locked up.
Mark poured some tea for Victor in the dining room table. “I’m sorry to hear about the situation about you and your parents. In my opinion, they should stay locked up for life for the things they did to you. What do you think?” Mark looked at Victor “I’d honestly just don’t trust the judges. They scare me. But whatever puts those fuckers in jail and away from me is a good enough punishment..” Victor sipped his tea. Mark nodded then sat down “Are you sure your-” “I'm fine. Thanks for asking Mark.” “N-no problem…”
Victor looked across the street. Mark looked down at his cup of tea, realizing Victor has nowhere to go. ❛Where is Victor gonna go? I can’t just leave him on the street to rot. That’ll just be a dick move. Wait
:iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 2 0
Teachers Blooded Hand - Pilot
By: Hooded Figure
❝Hello… I’m Victor Hanayuki… Do you like stories? Well… You’ll like this one...❞
❝This is a town of Hiroshima… A lost town to some but not to us… It is a religious town after all. If you are a different religion then you had to convert to christianity or you will have to make a choice. Either go to to jail, The Renaissance Christians, a Christian boot camp, an asylum or you can be left for dead in the forest… But it is a good town nonetheless… But is isn’t about the history of the town… This is about a story about a family… Sorta? I don’t know. But this might change your view on ‘Sensei Hanayubi’ and ‘Minna-chan’ and possibly any other character on Blood Raining Night...❞
The day started off as a rainy day. That day, a soul was released to heaven. A family was trying to go on with their lives but cannot help but think of their lo
:iconxxcreepyhoodxx:XxcreepyhoodxX 2 0


clown joker by Napdust clown joker :iconnapdust:Napdust 103 10 Ask lolo ((Open)) by KillingKate1 Ask lolo ((Open)) :iconkillingkate1:KillingKate1 12 12 Frozenpaw Ref   {Request} by arshadowclaw56 Frozenpaw Ref {Request} :iconarshadowclaw56:arshadowclaw56 3 2 (O.O.I Oc.) Delilah. by UsedtobeGGiraffe (O.O.I Oc.) Delilah. :iconusedtobeggiraffe:UsedtobeGGiraffe 2 0 Ask Black Blood Soul 9 by MyDoggyCatMadi Ask Black Blood Soul 9 :iconmydoggycatmadi:MyDoggyCatMadi 2 4 Telephone by EclipseTheHybrid Telephone :iconeclipsethehybrid:EclipseTheHybrid 4 0 Me as a pokemon by EclipseTheHybrid Me as a pokemon :iconeclipsethehybrid:EclipseTheHybrid 2 0 Nightmare by EclipseTheHybrid Nightmare :iconeclipsethehybrid:EclipseTheHybrid 2 0 Vent by EclipseTheHybrid Vent :iconeclipsethehybrid:EclipseTheHybrid 3 1 [C] sleepy by tealijn [C] sleepy :icontealijn:tealijn 18 0 [C] posin by tealijn [C] posin :icontealijn:tealijn 16 2 Female Neko OC Ref. Sheet// FREE BASE by syake-neko-chan Female Neko OC Ref. Sheet// FREE BASE :iconsyake-neko-chan:syake-neko-chan 22 5 glittery alpaca by Napdust glittery alpaca :iconnapdust:Napdust 124 9 lol by Hexagom lol :iconhexagom:Hexagom 4 0 die slow by zetaSuceava die slow :iconzetasuceava:zetaSuceava 9 0 Ian Reference by arshadowclaw56 Ian Reference :iconarshadowclaw56:arshadowclaw56 1 0


It's cute drawing. But here is a flaw. The lack of value. If you use both lighting and shade in this piece to match the happy vibe then...

by Onision

Well everything looks great actually. The background looks a bit blurry but it kinda fits to the focus to both the flowers, unbloomed f...

The art and the technique is really good tho I cannot tell if she is in a dark room and getting flashed by a light in a angle or if she...

Just a succubus tryin to help!~



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Hooded Figure
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am an writer, artist, dancer and a big disapointment

Insta: @mr.mccrxxpers
Tumblr: @xxhooded-figurexx


Should I start commisions? And if so how much should I start?
Silent Sonya - Redesign
(The creator let me do dis) So I kinda wanted to give her a new design/details since you wanted to improve her. You did mention that she kinda sounds like a male when she has her mask on so I wanted to suggest the new mask design so she can freak out her victims and when she puts it on it just makes her voice so deep so her voice doesn't sound gargled and broken as her victims tries to break her mask. I gave her a blooded/bruised eye so it kinda makes more since and kinda hint that she was beaten before she died in the flames. I gave her burn scars so Sonya doesn't look like Jeff while having her mask off. I do want her to have athletic fighting skills so she doesn't need wings nor a tail. I do wanna add a hook on the end of her link chain. I hope you like it. I kinda want her to be friends/enemies with Matt(my oc) tho. I kinda see that happening.

Original: creepynightcoredemon.deviantar…

Sonya belongs to :iconcreepynightcoredemon:CreepyNightcoreDemon
Kitty - Redesign
This is just for criticism. I do like your oc but the show does consists of different styles so I suggest this style since you use this if you want to. I kinda find it weird that Kitty looks like Gumball but just purple. I wanted you to have a character that looks different from Gumball due to these ocs just looking like Gumball. And you might not wanna just use her just for shipping with a main character since it kinda comes off as "Mary-sue-ish". Just keep that in mind and develop her more so she can be more interesting.


Kitty belongs to :iconmemizozi:Memizozi
Macabre Jackson ref sheet
Here is an CreepyPasta oc I wanted to redesign for a while now.
If you got questions then I will answer.

Macabre Jackson belongs to me

Hello my little succubi!~

Since I haven't received any more entries (if you didn't then might as well just tag me since both the contest and the ship came to an end but don't worry a new ship has became a new  with Adam with a lovely user named :iconthesparkinmysoul:TheSparkInMySoul~)

Let's get started!

First Place: :iconitzkat101:ItzKat101

First Prize: A open spot for any character you choose to be in a comic/animation you want~

Second Place: :iconblackest-cat:Blackest-Cat

Second Prize: I'll give you a free character given to you~

Third Place: :icondemonxderps:DemonXDerps

Third Prize: Free FanArt~

I hope you guys had fun doing these!~ You may come by anytime and maybe comment at least because I feel lonely just running an account with no one even commenting on my work ;;

-- Leo~


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